Long story short . . .

I learned advertising and copywriting at the feet of some of the great masters of the ’80’s in Covent Garden and Knightsbridge. Them were the days . . .

Then I ran away to Hong Kong where I was lucky enough to serve under more luminaries than ‘mad men’.  I was like a sponge, watching, listening, learning.

Itchy feet took me Down Under for the de rigueur backpacking year – not that I could imagine myself with a backpack! I fell in love – with Australia, with its friendly people and their open hearts, so I stayed. And worked in Event Management, Management Consulting, Advertising, Editing and Sales.

Jill of all trades, Mistress of None.

Some people are slow to see the gifts they have been given. Or to realise their assets. To monetise what, to them, is effortless. That was me.

I went back to the UK for 6 years and acquired two horses and a dog. And spent long hours googling land for sale in NSW – longing for space and crystalline skies, for light and warmth and exhilarating seas.  After a lifetime of being split in twain in terms of my heart’s longings (family & mellowy misty UK vs strident light and freedom in Oz) I came back and realised Australia was home. With my menagerie, choices were limited – Tamworth was too dry and fusty for my free thinking soul.

Kangaroo Valley was a spiritual home where friendships were forged in steel and healing wrought in the soothing waters at Flat Rock.

The Zen Pen was born there – serving others. Helping small businesses forge their connections with customers, increasing sales, branding and rebranding, building websites etc.

Now I concentrate on copy.  $100 an hour.  I can also consult with you on your branding and re-branding, web architecture or marketing collateral, and act as the go between in the fatally flawed relationship between client and web developer or graphic designer.

And writing my own books, articles, blog and stories