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Every business or organisation has a message to impart to a crowded marketplace. So often those core messages are confused, incoherent, and easily lost among the melee of Unique Selling Proposition (USP) from the opposition. Converting your message into prose that can be easily understood, remembered, and acted upon by your target market is an art form. The Zen Pen are the experts in uncovering, honing and polishing your message, enabling you to shine.

Whether you just need a brochure, intelligent copy for your website, help with lifting your public profile with some penetrating PR, or you want to talk about a comprehensive marketing and media strategy which will lift your business to the top of its game, talk to The Zen Pen.

We create exceptional copy - whether for websites, newsletters, email marketing, brochures, books, articles in magazines or newspapers, advertisements or any other corporate or personal requirement - call us for a quote!

If you have something to say, but words are not your forte, talk to The Zen Pen.

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